Title :Contemporary and Robust Email Design
Category :features

We design and send beautiful emails

We create your email designs, ensuring the best results in email clients like Gmail and Outlook.

We don’t impose any design restrictions, and you won’t find any ugly ‘powered by’ logos or branding either. We hate that stuff!


A/B split testing

Our A/B testing feature makes it crazy easy to test your email campaigns and learn from them every time.

Write two different subject lines and see which one generates the most opens. We can design completely different emails and see which version gets the most clicks. You tell us how to decide a winner, we’ll send the two options to a sample of your list and then automatically send the winner to everyone else.

Autoresponders and drip campaigns

Autoresponders make it easy to stay in touch with your subscribers without lifting a finger. Quickly build and schedule a series of automated welcome messages, birthday greetings and other date-based campaigns.

Set the rules around when an autoresponder should be sent using the triggers below, and then tell us what to send. We’ll do the rest.

See screenshots in 20+ email clients

We test your design in all the different email clients. Our design and spam testing tools do all the hard work for you.

We’ll also run your campaigns through popular spam filters at the desktop, server and firewall level before we send it – maximising the number of people who get your emails.


Make it personal by inserting your subscribers name or a product they purchased.


Forward to a friend
Let your recipients spread the word virally and we’ll track the results


Send in any time zone
Full control over when your recipients will receive your campaigns.


Power reports
We track the opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes, bounces and more.


No ugly logos or links
We never uglify your email by inserting our own logo or links. We hate that stuff!


Google Analytics 
We can automatically track your campaign related sales and conversions in GA.


Top notch deliverability
Authentication, relationships with ISP’s and more ensure your emails are delivered.

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